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Business Plans for Dummies

Автор: Paul Tiffany, Steven Peterson, Colin Barrow
Need a hand with your business strategy? This fully updated guide leads you through all aspects of business planning, from clarifying objectives and finding funding, to researching customer behaviour and developing an e-presence. It contains the latest information on planning methods and initiatives (including planning in turbulent times), as well as a sample business plan to get you off to a flying start. Realise your long-term goals - understand what you want from your business and where you are headed. Check out the competition - practise the latest market research techniques to best position your business. Sort out your finances - construct a value chain, examine your cash-flow and calculate a sensible budget. Prepare for change - learn to read cultural, political and technological trends and develop strategic alternatives. Establish yourself- raise venture capital and market share, expand your workforce and plan the next stage for your...
Год: 2010 Страниц: 440
Формат: 185x235 Издательство: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
Наличие: Отгружается в течение трех недель
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