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Doing Business TaxFree

: Robert A. Cooke
Save tons of money with the secrets to avoiding income taxes Could it be possible to run your business without paying federal and state income tax for at least 36 months? What if youre not in businesshow about reducing or completely wiping out your income tax? It may sound too good to be true, but the answer is YES. In this easytouse, plainEnglish book, Robert A. Cooke shows how you can legally use the tax rules to your advantage. Doing Business TaxFree, Second Edition is packed with taxsaving concepts and ideas and clear explanations on how to apply them to your own situation. Numerous examples help you understand crucial taxplanning maneuvers and form a game plan, which, with a little professional finetuning, will alleviate your income tax burden. Plus, youll save even more money by learning how to keep professional fees to a minimum and shorten your time in the tax preparers office. New to the Second Edition: Recomputes examples involving computation of...
: 2001 : 288
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