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Human Body 3-D Pops

Автор: Richard Walker
Discover the human body with incredible augmented reality animations. The amazing human body literally leaps from the pages of Human Body: 3-D Pops. Watch the dancing skeleton, and explore each of the body's systems and how they work with these 3-D digital animations. It's so simple - just hold up the page to a web-cam to activate the animation and see the human body on the page pop-up on screen. Augmented reality boxes indicate where you can find the next animation. This book is packed with detailed facts, stats and figures on the extraordinary human body. Get inside the body and view models, such as the beating heart, from all angles. You won't believe your eyes!
Год: 2011 Страниц: 72
Издательство: Дорлинг Киндерсли
Наличие: Отгружается в течение трех недель
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