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International Finance : A Casebook

Автор: Mihir A. Desai
Book DescriptionThese case studies offer a unique perspective on international corporate finance. Theyll help you understand international financial markets, including the instruments and techniques used in the foreign exchange market, monetary policy and international asset allocation. Youll also learn about the decision-making that goes into formulating an appropriate foreign exchange hedging strategy, how to finance multinational operations, cross-border mergers and leveraged buy-outs, and much more. Order your copy today.
Год: 2005
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В данном разделе дается описание и информация по цене книги International Finance : A Casebook. Вы можете купить книгу International Finance : A Casebook и заказать книгу International Finance : A Casebook, в зависимости от статуса. Автор книги International Finance : A Casebook Mihir A. Desai.