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Madoff: The Man Who Stole $65 Billion

Автор: Erin Arvedlund
Take the combined fortunes of Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and Roman Abramovich. Now imagine someone stealing that much money - and being hailed as a financial genius. That man is Bernard Madoff. Backed by governments and global banks, Madoff defrauded $65 billion from charities and individual investors including Stephen Spielberg. Finally turned in by his own sons, Madoff opened his door in his dressing gown to be arrested by the FBI. Eleven charges and eleven guilty verdicts later he swapped his penthouse for a prison cell. Only $1 billion was left. "Madoff" is the first definitive account of the rise and fall of the biggest fraudster ever. It's a story of greed, betrayal and lies, of remorseless risk-taking, family tragedy and financial disaster. Investigative reporter Erin Arvedlund was the first to expose Madoff back in 2001, but Wall Street and the world didn't listen. In this astonishing book she answers the crucial unsolved questions: why and when did Madoff turn...
Год: 2009 Страниц: 320
Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd.
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