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Watercolour For Starters

Автор: Paul Talbot-Greaves
Book Description-Complete guidance for beginner artists, from holding a brush to creating a finished painting -Extensive step-by-step demonstrations and simple exercises -Contains templates for each step-by-step project Watercolor for Starters is the perfect introduction to watercolor painting for the complete beginner. Paul Talbot-Greaves guides the reader through learning basic brush techniques to applying these to create a finished landscape painting. Popular landscape subjects are broken down into achievable step-by-step exercises to help develop the reader's understanding. Also included are traceable templates for each of the projects, ensuring that the reader really can just pick up this book and paint a finished picture right away. This book contains all the know-how the first-time painter needs to create finished paintings. All the most important aspects of watercolor painting are explained, including color theory, brush strokes, tone, composition and...
Год: 2005 Страниц: 121
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