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Детский детектив (146 шт.)

After the First Death
On the outskirts of a small American town, a bus-load of young children is being held hostage. The hijackers are a cold and ruthless group, opposed to the secret government agency Inner Delta. At the centre of the battle are three teenagers. Miro is the terrorist with no past and no emotions. kate is the bus driver, caught up in the nightmare, and Ben is the General's son who must act as a go-between. A tense drama with death being the only escape.
425,00 руб.
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Araminta Spook: the Sword in the Grotto
What do you buy someone for their 500th birthday? Araminta is desperately trying to think of the perfect gift for her favourite ghost, Sir Horace, but it's hard to buy gifts for someone with no hobbies - and no body! Then she has the most brilliant idea . . . but it lands her in such deep water, Araminta wonders whether she will ever see Horace or her family again - let alone have time to organise the party!
499,50 руб.
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WILL How many times do I have to say it? Yes, I see the picture. It?s a body, obviously. It?s a dead body. ASHELEY You have to understand, I love my brother. I?m scared of him too, but . . . regardless of what he has or hasn?t done, I feel for him, you know. WILL I don?t care what happens to me, really, I don?t. But Asheley . . . she had nothing to do with any of this. ASHELEY It?s not like it sounds. He had a good heart. He trusted me. And I always did the best I could to help him. WILL It?s not her fault. None of it. Okay then. The guy in the photo. I killed him . . . but I had to. I had no choice. Why? That?s complicated. That?ll take a while.
607,00 руб.
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Dan's Angel: A Detective's Guide to the Language of Paintings
Book DescriptionDan wanted to be a detective, but he wasn't sure just what he was searching for until the day he passed an interesting-looking building - what better place to find mysteries to solve than in an art museum? The clues within some of the greatest paintings of all time are revealed to Dan as he learns the language, symbols and mysteries of art.
980,00 руб.
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Danger on Vampire Trail (The Hardy Boys, No. 50)
The Hardy boys and two friends take a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains in an attempt to locate a gang of credit-card counterfeiters.
1 007,00 руб.
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Dial M for Monkey (Jungle Jam)
589,00 руб.
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Double Helix
Eli Samuels, barely out of high school, is offered a job at prestigious Wyatt Transgenics by its founder, a legendary molecular biologist. The salary?s amazing, the work is interesting, and Dr. Wyatt seems to want to mentor him. It?s almost too good to be true. But Mr. Samuels is vehemently against Eli?s taking the job, and he won?t explain why. Eli knows that there?s some connection between Dr. Wyatt and his parents?something painful for his father. Something to do with his mother, now debilitated by Huntington?s disease. As Eli works at the lab and spends time with Dr. Wyatt, he begins to uncover some disconcerting information?about himself.
511,50 руб.
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Double Jeopardy (Hardy Boys)
Book Description The Race is on -- But Danger is taking the lead Frank and Joe Hardy can't believe their good luck: The Bayport Herald has given them press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Indianapolis. They soon realize, though, that the competition between the top two racers has gone into overdrive. After one of the racers lands in the hospital and the other's garage is burned, Frank and Joe step in to help find the culprit. The race is on to solve the mystery, but soon the brothers find themselves under attack too. Will Frank and Joe be left in the dust by a criminal mastermind? Or will they manage to crack the case before there's more trouble on the tracks?
103,80 руб.
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Emil und die Detektive
Emil darf zum ersten Mai allein mit dem Zug zur Grossmutter fahren. Prompt wird ihm unterwegs sein Geld gestohlen. Doch Emil und seine neuen Freunde kommen dem Dieb gemeinsam auf die Spur. Ein Leseprojekt nach Motiven des gleichnamigen Romans von Erich Kastner.
661,00 руб.
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Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries: Volume I : Boy Detective; The Case of the Secret Pitch
785,00 руб.
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Frostbite (Vampire Academy, Book 2)
Rose loves Dimitri, Dimitri might love Tasha, and Mason would die to be with Rose... It's winter break at St. Vladimir's, but Rose is feeling anything but festive. A massive Strigoi attack has put the school on high alert, and now the Academy's crawling with Guardians--including Rose's hard-hitting mother, Janine Hathaway. And if handto- hand combat with her mom wasn't bad enough, Rose's tutor Dimitri has his eye on someone else, her friend Mason's got a huge crush on her, and Rose keeps getting stuck in Lissa's head while she's making out with her boyfriend, Christian! The Strigoi are closing in, and the Academy's not taking any risks....This year, St. Vlad's annual holiday ski trip is mandatory. But the glittering winter landscape and the posh Idaho resort only create the illusion of safety. When three friends run away in an offensive move against the deadly Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them. But heroism rarely comes without a price...
87,30 руб.
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If You're Reading this, It's too Late: Book 2
The adventures of aspiring magician Max-Ernest and survivalist-in-training Cass continue. As with The Name of This Book Is Secret (2007), the author often intrudes on the story to offer dire warnings to the reader that even reading this tale is too dangerous to consider, presumably because of a world-shatteringly nefarious secret and the evil machinations of the two young adventurers' archnemeses, Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais. It's a clever ploy that adds a level of heightened drama to the tale, which, underneath all the trappings, has some neat elements (a "Sound Prism," a cantankerous homunculus) but lacks many true thrills. There are still codes for Max-Ernest and Cass to unravel and secret societies to infiltrate, but the injection of a third main cast member reeks of the old sitcom ploy of throwing in a hip new character in an attempt to make a show fresh. Chapter-opening illustrations add a lighthearted touch to this solid sequel, which is more character-driven than the first, and will...
374,40 руб.
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Lizzie McGuire Mysteries: Case of the Missing She-Geek - Book #3 : Junior Novel (Lizzie Mcguire Mysteries)
Book DescriptionIn a (failed) effort to be cool in school, Lizzie hurts the feelings of major she-geek Audrey Albright. It's a total mistake and Lizzie wants to apologize-but Audrey's disappeared. She was last seen in the girls' room, crying. Then she doesn't come to school for days. With Gordo and Miranda in tow, Lizzie follows a trail of clues to a science-fiction convention, where Larry Tudgeman becomes their guide through the underworld of geekdom. But is Lizzie really ready to go where no cool kid (like ever!) has gone before?
346,00 руб.
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No Way Out (Hardy Boys)
Book Description A Haunted Maze Has Twice The Dead Ends. Frank and Joe are thrilled to be taking part in the grand opening celebration of a new maze in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. By solving puzzles -- their specialty -- they could win a valuable prize! But once they arrive, the teens soon have a new puzzle to solve: The owner and designer of the maze, Chezleigh Alan Horton, suddenly disappears. As the boys make their way through a labyrinth of suspects, they face a new twist. Can Frank and Joe unravel a decade-old riddle to save the renowned mazemaster?
103,40 руб.
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Public Enemy Number Two
Thirteen-year-old Nick Diamond is in prison! Framed for a jewel heist, quick-thinking Nick finds himself sharing a cell with public enemy number one: Johnny Powers. Nick?s only chance of clearing his name is to nail the Fence, thecountry?s master criminal. But to do that, he needs to break out?which is where his bumbling older brother, Tim, comes in. Nick?s not so sure he?ll make it to his fourteenth birthday!
467,50 руб.
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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, Book 3)
For use in schools and libraries only. Rose Hathaway knows it is forbidden to love another guardian. Her best friend, Lissa-the last Dragomir princess-must always come first. Unfortunately, when it comes to gorgeous Dimitri Belikov, some rules are meant to be broken.
548,00 руб.
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Skulduggery Pleasant The Faceless Ones
You've seen it all before: some bad guy wants to bring about the end of the world, and Skulduggery and Valkyrie fight valiantly to stop it happening. A few people get hurt, sure, but everything's all right in the end. Well, not this time. Формат: 13 см x 19,7 см
602,00 руб.
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Spiral, Vol. 1: The Bonds of Reasoning
"I'm going to uncover the mystery of the 'Blade Children.'" World-class detective Kiyotaka Narumi's last words prior to his sudden disappearance continue to haunt his younger brother, Ayumu. The cheeky 10th-grader becomes further embroiled in the mystery when he is mistaken for the prime suspect in a murder at his school. Led by Ayumu's sister-in-law, Kiyotaka's wife and fellow detective, Madoka, the investigation into the murder gives Ayumu a chance to clear his name. But in doing so, he not only uncovers ties to the Blade Children but also more questions than answers about who and what they are.
958,00 руб.
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Spy High Mission One (Spy High)
1 479,00 руб.
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The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The edition contains two collections of short stories - "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" documents the earliest cases of the greatest fictional detective of all time, while "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" brings us to what Doyle intended to be Holmes' last appearance, in "The Adventure of the Final Problem", as he plunges into the depths of the Reichenbach Falls with his archenemy. Professor Moriarty. This edition contains the original illustrations from Strand Magazine drawn by Sidney Paget.
224,00 руб.
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The Amanda Project: Invisible I
Callie, Nia and Hal have one thing in common: they were each chosen by Amanda to be her guide at Endeavour High. But when Amanda first arrived, she told Callie that when she starts at a new school she only ever picks one person to help her out. Why did Amanda lie? And where is she now? Following the clues that Amanda left behind, Callie, Hal and Nia try to piece together what happened to the girl who changed their lives… Формат: 12,5 см x 20 см.
701,00 руб.
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The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow
This volume completes the canon of the illustrated Sherlock Holmes stories, reprinted from The Strand Magazine. It contains the short story series Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes, The Valley of Fear - a sinister novella which appeared in 1914-15 - His Last Bow: The War Service of Sherlock Holmes and the last 12 stories The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.
184,00 руб.
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The Clue of the Hissing Serpent (Hardy Boys, Books 53)
Their efforts to recover a stolen ancient chess piece lead the Hardy brothers to Hong Kong where they help smash an international criminal organization.
1 030,00 руб.
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The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
From the strange case of 'The Red-Headed League' to the extraordinary tale of 'The Engineer's Thumb', Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr Watson grapple with treachery, murder, and ingenious crimes of all kinds. But no case is too challening for the immortal detective's unique power of deduction.
425,00 руб.
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The House on the Gulf
Book Description [If only] Bran would stop acting weird....Probably he had a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything. I just couldn't imagine what it would be. When Britt's older brother, Bran, lands a summer job house-sitting for the Marquises, an elderly couple, it seems like a great opportunity. Britt and Bran have moved to Florida so their mother can finish college, and the house-sitting income will allow their mom to quit her job and take classes full-time. Having never lived in a real house before, Britt is thrilled. There's only one problem: Britt starts to suspect her family isn't supposed to be there. She's been noticing that Bran is acting weird and defensive -- he hides the Marquises' mail, won't let anyone touch the thermostat, and discourages Britt from meeting any of the neighbors. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Britt starts investigating and makes a startling discovery -- the Marquises aren't who Bran has...
1 009,00 руб.
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The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories
"The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories" exquisitely conveys the pain of an adolescent outsider. Like Tim Burton's movies, the work manages to be both childlike and sophisticated, blending the innocent with the macabre. In the manner of the pictorial tales of Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl and Edward Gorey - but from a slightly more twisted realm of the imagination - Burton's creepy stories conjure up the fantastical, even the slightly demented.
864,00 руб.
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The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge (Hardy Boys, Book 45)
For action, mystery and cliff-hanging suspense, read THE HARDY BOYS MYSTERY STORIES - featuring the thrilling adventures of America's favorite detective duo, Frank and Joe Hardy. Millions of young readers have teamed up with the Hardy Boys, helping them in their quest to bring criminals to justice. Be a part of the fun! Start your collection of original hardcover Hardy Boys Mysteries today!
1 006,00 руб.
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The Name of this Book is Secret
Name oIn enormous lettering the first page warns: "Do not read beyond this page!" The reason? The book contains a secret so nefarious as to be dangerous even to innocent page-turners daring enough to venture forth. The first few chapters present a tricky little exercise in metafiction in which the story about a secret is revealed as being itself too secret to tell, a ploy sure to tickle more puzzlesome readers. But then the intrusive narrator, who is equal parts snarky and delightful, strikes a deal and deigns to tell the story with fake names in Your Hometown, as long as you agree to "forget everything you read as soon as you read it." Then follows a not terribly shocking story wherein two intrepid kids uncover a mysterious society bent on immortality, which gets them in and out of all manner of trouble. While some may be disappointed that there is no mind-bending secret at the bottom of it all as promised, most junior Da Vinci Coders will likely be having too much fun to notice. ...
383,00 руб.
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The Phantom Freighter (The Hardy Boys, No. 26)
The Hardy brothers embark on a freighter trip under mysterious circumstances and find themselves involved with a smuggling ring.
1 001,00 руб.
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Стильно оформленное издание с трехсторонним красным обрезом. When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerising voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret. What Bella doesn't realise is that the closer she gets to him, the more she is putting herself and those around her at risk. And it might be too late to turn back... Deeply seductive and irresistibly compelling, twilight is a love story that will stay with you long after you have turned the final page.
781,00 руб.
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