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Application Cases in Management Information Systems
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Beginning Excel Services (Programmer to Programmer)
Written by Microsoft’s lead developers of Excel Services, this book shares their insights into the benefits and usage of Excel’s new server technology so that you can solve business problems. You’ll learn what Excel Services is for and how it is used, howto deploy an evaluation copy of the server and effectively administer it, and gain an understanding of how the server works. You’ll also get step-by-step guidelines for using the server in each of the scenarios for which it was designed.
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Beyond the IT Productivity Paradox (John Wiley Series in Information Systems)
The ?IT Productivity Paradox is the concept that, despite massive investment and resourcing by companies and organizations worldwide in their IT systems, there still seems to be little pay-off. Information systems can no longer be viewed as a support service for a business ? information technology now has a lead role to play in the strategic planning processes of any organization. As we move further and further into a technology-based working environment, a critical question is how the value ofIT can be measured and evaluated. This book brings together a group of the most eminent academic and practitioner thinkers in the area, to consolidate what we know about best IT evaluation practice in a comprehensive and integrated manner, and also provide new ways forward. The key to understanding the productivity paradox is the methods of IT measurement used. Improved measurement can not only reveal that IT has often been more productive than is believed, but can also focus in on...
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Business Rules and Information Systems: Aligning IT with Business Goals
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CD-ROM HOM Operations Management Software - WINDOWS
This product is windows-based and focuses on the heart of operations management tools. Even though the HOM programs have powerful algorithms such as linear programming and integer programming built in, the titles of the programs on this CD-ROM reflect Operations Management concepts such as Inventory Management and Materials Requirement Planning, Waiting Line Design and management, and Aggregate Planning.
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Client/Server Information Systems: A Business-Oriented Approach
A Complete Guide to Client/Server Architecture and Client/Server Applications-From the Premier Author in the Field! This flexible new book offers hands-on coverage of client/server architecture and client/server applications. Its practical, business-oriented emphasis fully explains everything you need to know without overwhelming you with technical detail! This practical guide offers: * Complete coverage of application development as well as the network infrastructure over which applications are deployed * Thorough-but not too technical!-coverage of all hardware and technology you need to understand * Cases that detail the experiences of real companies as they implement client/server systems * A hands-on, business-oriented emphasis that includes that includes coverage of how to integrate intranets, Extranets and the Internet * Invaluable tips on the management and security of client/server systems not found in other books! By the same Author Local...
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Computing in the Information Age, 2nd Edition
Computing in the Information Age 2E is written for people with little or no background in Computing. The objective of this book is to explain computing today in a clear and meaningful way and to focus on those concepts likely to have the greatest impact as we approach the next century and the next phase of the information revolution. The unique applicability of computers to business and to life is demonstrated, the advantage gained by knowing how and when to use computers, and the potential of computers to enrich our life.
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Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases
Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases 6/e by Applegate, Austin and McFarlan is written for students and managers who desire an overview of contemporary information systems technology (IT) management. It explains the relevant issues of effective management of information services activities and highlights the areas of greatest potential application of the technology. No assumptions are made concerning the reader’s experience with IT, but it is assumed that the reader has some course work or work experience in administration or management. This text is comprised of an extensive collection of Harvard Business cases devoted to Information Technology.
3 147,00 руб.
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Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices
In this astonishing, provocative, and solidly researched book, two Harvard Business School professors synthesize 200 years of thought along with the latest research drawn from thebiological and social sciences to propose a new theory, a unified synthesis of human nature. Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria have studied the way people behave in that most fascinating arena of human behavior—the workplace—and from their work they produce a book that examines the four separate and distinct emotive drives that guide human behavior and influence the choices people make: the drives to acquire, bond, learn, and defend. They ultimately show that, just as advances in information technology have spurred the New Economy in the last quarter of the twentieth century, current advances in biology will be the key to understanding humans and organizations in the new millennium.
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E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning
Strategies for Cost-Effective E-Business ERP Implementation?in the Shortened Time Horizons of the Internet Age The need for seamless Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and e-business implementation is nothing new. What is new is the shorter time frames that now dominate the organizational landscape. Projects that used to take years to complete must now be up and running in a matter of months or even weeks. Moreover, they must be done successfully?the first time. E-Business and ERP is the first book to detail the many aspects of organizing an ERP or e-business project for rapid implementation. This comprehensive guidebook?produced by an experienced manager of rapid application implementation projects?explains how to: Rapidly implement systems that meet current requirements and are easily adaptable to encompass the next generation of technology Better understand and manage the risks associated with such projects ...
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E-Business Technologies : Supporting the Net-Enhanced Organization (The Wiley Series on Net-Enhanced Organizations)
3 805,00 руб.
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The ERP implementation cycle is characterized by complexity, uncertainty and a long time-scale. It is about people and issues that affect the business - it is a multi-disciplinary effort. This book will provide you with the practical information you will need in relation to the many issues and events within the implementation cycle. After reading this book you will be fully equipped and alerted to what is involved in an ERP implementation. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be described as an Integrated Enterprise-wide Information System. As well as handling many of the transactions found within a business, it has the potential for meeting many of the information requirements of busy personnel. If used in the right hands, it may provide the business with a competitive edge. However, an ERP application does not just "appear" and everyone starts "using it". A cycle of events can be identified. Much can go wrong during implementation since there are many...
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Ethical Decision Making & Information Technology: An Introduction with Cases
This streamlined discussion of ethical issues in the decision-making process supports and supplements any introduction to CIS or MIS textbook. Chapter One defines ethics. Chapter Two relates ethics to the use of technology. Chapter Three applies a four-step analysis process to an ethical dilemma, illustrating how to reach a defensible decision. The remaining chapters of 18 cases challenge the student to apply the knowledge gained in Chapters 1-3 to recognize, evaluate, and react responsibly to an ethical dilemma. The class-test cases are based on real business situations Case worksheets guide students in the case analysis. This edition offers new and expanded coverage of the Internet, privacy, and the ACM code. The Instructor's Manual contains case objectives, key ethical issues, discussion ideas, guidelines assigning and evaluating cases, strategies for managing classroom discussion, and lessons to be learned.
1 943,00 руб.
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Excel Models for Business and Operations Management
Book DescriptionExcel Models for Business and Operations Management, Second Edition, adopts a structured approach to management decision-making by integrating the activities of a manufacturing organization. The text is entirely assignment-based and uses Microsoft’s Excel software to develop over eighty models. Everyday examples from finance, marketing and operations management form the basis of the book’s ‘hands-on’ development models. As in the previous edition, the emphasis is on the practical implementation of real-world models rather than traditional theoretical concepts. The book’s learn-by-example approach helps to develop both analytical and mathematical skills by focusing on the formulation and building of business models. New features in the second edition include Finance models in a new chapter on investment analysis models Job sequencing including a VBA routine for Johnson’s Rule Multiplicative...
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FinGame Online 3.0, Participants Manual
FinGame Online 3.0 is a comprehensive multiple period finance case/simulation. In the game, students control a hypothetical company over numerous periods of operation. Students have control of major financial and operating decisions of their company. Students develop and enhance skills in financial management, financial accounting statement analysis, and general decision making. Internet access by the instructor and student is required. Students use the FinGame Participant’s Manual for instructionsto operate their company on the Irwin/McGraw-Hill website. The Participant’s Manual includes a password in order to access the website. The Instructor’s Manual is very important and imperative to teaching from FinGame Online 3.0. FinGame Online can be found at www.mhhe.com/fingame.
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Flight of the Phoenix : Soaring to Success in the 21st Century
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Foundations of Net-Enhanced Organizations (The Wiley Series on Net-Enhanced Organizations)
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From Memex To Hypertext
Vannevar Bush, the engineer who designed the world's most powerful analog computer, predicted the development of a new kind of computing machine he called Memex. For many computer and information scientists, Bush's Memex has been the prototype for a machine to help people think. This book contains Bush's essays, and original essays by academic and commerical researchers relating the state of art in personal computing, hypertext and information retrieval software to bush's ideas and Memex.
6 316,00 руб.
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Global Information Technology Outsourcing: In Search of Business Advantage
Global Information Technology Outsourcing In Search of Business Advantage Mary C. Lacity & Leslie P. Willcocks ?Lacity, and Willcocks have shown us again why they are the world?s leading IT outsourcing gurus the most comprehensive work on IT outsourcing to date.? Sara Cullen, National Partner, Australia Business Process Management, Deloitte Touche, Tohmatsu ?a valuable collection readers will find here advice that premier consultants would deliver for a very large multiple of the price of this book.? Paul A. Strassmann, former CIO of General Foods, Kraft, Xerox and the US Department of Defense ?(a). "must read" for anyone in search of a clear understanding of what information technology outsourcing is all about absolutely no one should jump into outsourcing prior to taking advantage of the outstanding case studies outlined in this book.? Emmett Paige, President, OAO Corporation ?an excellent guide to successful outsourcing,...
1 300,00 руб.
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Human Resources JumpStart
Book DescriptionLaunch Your Human Resources Career--Quickly and Effectively Written by an experienced HR specialist, Human Resources JumpStart provides all the core information you need to approach a human resources career with confidence: * Introduction to the essential employment laws * Staffing requirements * Compensation and benefits * Occupational health and safety * Employee relations * Employee communications * Training and development * Performance management * Maintaining employee records * Introduction to strategic management in HR
3 711,00 руб.
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Implementation: The Key to Successful Information Systems
Вашему вниманию предлагается издание "Implementation: The Key to Successful Information Systems".
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Information Systems: Management Practices in Action
Designed as a supplement to the text Information Systems: Management Principles in Action , this collection of real-world vignettes provides students with challenging applications based on the actual problems faced by information systems managers. The vignettes illustrate complex management problems at the corporate, functional, and end-user levels, most of which center around the evaluation of alternative decisions the information systems manager might make and the consequences of those decisions.Topics include information technology as a competitive weapon, strategic information systems planning, the organizational placement of the information systems department, corporate issues and opportunities, specific duties of the information systems department, organizing the information systems department, and much more.
6 206,00 руб.
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Information Systems: Management Principles in Action
Describes the role of information sytems in business. Internal organization of the information systems department, and current information systems technology and theory are explored, but the emphasis is on real-life management issues. Casebook available.
2 544,00 руб.
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Information Technology Project Management
7 709,00 руб.
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Information, Systems and Information Systems - making sense of the field
Science-based technology helps to shape our lives, and no technology is more powerful in this respect than that associated with information. But the emerging linked fields of information systems and information technology are still in a very confused state. There is a torrent of technical developments but the concepts which bring structure to the field and make sense of it lag behind. This book seeks to dispel that confusion, and aims to make sense of IS and IT as a whole. Conventional theory bears little relation to the experience most people have with computer-based systems in organizations. Based on real-world experiences in both the private and public sectors, this book from Peter Checkland and Sue Holwell tackles the subject afresh. Information, Systems and Information Systems provides a practice-based approach to the thinking needed to underpin provision of information support in organizations. Starting from fundamentals, the book develops a coherent account of the field. The...
9 766,00 руб.
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ISO 14001 Documentation, Environmental System Manual and 20 Operational Procedures
Template documentation on CD-ROM includes a quality manual, 20 operational procedures and forms. This fully developed, two-level documentation defines a generic ISO 14001 quality system that is simple, natural and free from excessive paperwork. With thousands of passed audits, it also defines the baseline for satisfying ISO 14001 certification requirements. Procedure templates are formatted with title and signature boxes, borders, automatic page numbering and suitable paragraph styles.
12 802,20 руб.
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IT Investment: Making a Business Case (Computer Weekly Professional Series)
Frequently not enough attention is given to producing a comprehensive business case or to producing an economic justification for an information systems investment. In fact many organizations are not clear as to what constitutes a sound business case andhow to go about producing one. This Professional level book for the Computer Weekly Professional Series will show how to go about justification for I.T. spend. This book is designed for all those who are involved in the decision to investin information systems. This book is especially relevant to senior business executives, senior financial managers and IT executives. Business consultants, computer and corporate advisors will also find the ideas and material addressed in this text of particular benefit as will anyone involved in corporate and strategic planning. In addition, senior students such as those working towards their MBAs will find this book of use. A business case is a statement or a...
5 647,00 руб.
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IT Manager's Handbook: Getting Your New Job Done
Many technical professionals are tossed into their new position of managing an IT department without enough training or experience - let alone a clear idea of what is expected of them. Other technical personnel are trying to decide if they should join the ranks of management, and want the real facts about managing - and managing other technical pros - before they decide. To compound the difficulty, most companies have become highly dependent on their IT departments for their day-to-day business operations - often including revenue generation - so the tasks are critical and the learning curve is steep. The IT Manager's Handbook, 2nd edition provides essential information needed to manage those new responsibilities: vital tasks such as creating budgets, evaluating technologies, administering compliance, and managing staff. Формат: 19 см x 23,5 см.
2 719,20 руб.
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Knowledge Management and its Integrative Elements
Knowledge: In the realm of knowledge management, information plus wisdom equals knowledge. Organizations have found that the knowledge they contain can be one of their most important competitive weaponsDefinition:Knowledge management: The ability of an organization to manage, store, value, and distribute knowledge. Some organizations have created the position of Chief Knowledge Manager (CKM) to handle knowledge management responsibilitiesMany organizations fail to effectively manage and use the most important competitive edge they possess - their knowledge and "intellectual capital." This book covers the entire growing field of knowledge management, with particular emphasis on knowledge-based systems and their use in preserving knowledge in an organization, and integrating it across departments and disciplines.This hands-on guide shows how businesses and other organizations can re-engineer their processes using an applied knowledge-based approach. Each chapter introduces a different...
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Last Night in Twisted River
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