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Интернет-маркетинг. Интернет-реклама (81 шт.)

(GET FREE PUBLICITY) How to Use Newspapers and Magazines for Public Relations, FreeAdvertising, Internet Marketing, Website Promotion, and Small Business Publicity
An extended conversation between two veteran journalists: former newspaper editor Joan Stewart and former TV reporter George McKenzie. They reveal dozens of tips and strategies for using the print media to get free publicity more believable, powerful, productive and profitable than any advertising you can BUY at any price.
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Agentry Agenda: Selling Food in a Frictionless Marketplace
Agentry Agenda explores the substantial and inevitable changes facing the Food Industry's "logistics productivity" model in the near future. The forces of change, flat population growth and saturation of stores and products in developed markets have created significant "False economics" under the current mass marketing model. Meanwhile the technology advantage or information power has clearly shifted to the shopper. The convergence of these forces will literally turn the Industry Model "upside down", making the mass marketing, product distribution model obsolete. The industry needs to quickly move to the "Marketing Productivity" if it is to survive. Agentry Agenda suggests a Frictionless model, in which shoppers have "barrier free access" to the products they want and manufacturers/suppliers have "barrier free access" to their targeted shoppers. Perfect commerce! Retailers turned Agents will compete by creating the value added shopping experience, real and virtual....
4 482,00 руб.
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Basic Business Communication : Skills For Empowering the Internet Generation w/Student CD, B-Comm Skill Booster, and PowerWeb
Book DescriptionBasic Business Communication (BBC), 10/e by Lesikar and Flatley provides both student and instructor with all the tools needed to navigate through the complexity of the modern business communication environment. Exciting new student resources, including a subscription to the Merriam Webster Collegiate website and an enhanced CD-ROM, allow students to practice and master concepts in fun and interesting ways. BBC attends to the dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing means by which business communication occurs by being the most technologically current and pedagogically effective books in the field. It has realistic examples that are both consumer-and business-oriented.
8 892,00 руб.
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Building an E-Business: From the Ground Up
Building an E-Business: From the Ground Up is an "e-commerce" book that moves beyond a survey atmosphere to provide hands on experience. It is designed specifically for those who want to develop web skills and business plans for use in starting an e-Buisness. This book integrates and fills the gap between "How to Design Web Pages" and Buisness and Marketing courses. It is not a "How-to" book dealing with the conversion of existing buisnesses to the electronic arena; it focuses on entrepreneurs who want to begin an eBusiness but lack basic knowledge of the Internet and in developing business and marketing plans. Building an e-Business is different because it is aimed at those interested in starting an e-Business, makes use of the Web, and assumes little or no Internet Knowledge.
5 993,00 руб.
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Building. org. Руководство менеджера по созданию успешных веб-сайтов для международных организаций
Авторы простым и понятным языком объясняют, зачем веб-сайт нужен международной организации, как и по каким принципам он должен создаваться, по каким законом развиваться, какое место занимать в иерархии ценностей, целей и задач современной организации. Кроме стратегических вопросов веб-строительства рассматриваются также такие рабочие моменты, как привлечение к проекту необходимых специалистов, выбор подходящего технологического решения, создание качественного контента, руководство веб-проектом и оценка отзывов пользователей. Книга предназначена для тех принимающих решения сотрудников международных организаций, которые думают о создании веб-сайта или модернизации существующего сайта. Также она будет полезна другим некоммерческим организациям, таким, как министерства и правительственные ведомства, неправительственные группы, научные и образовательные учреждения.
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Business Secrets to Beat Your Business Competitors! Find Out How Business Intelligence and Online Marketing Tools Can Get You More Traffic And More ... Any Money on Online Advertising Costs
Competitive intelligence or business intelligence or (the less ruthless sounding term) marketing research is a necessary part of any successful business. It's not about being nosy or deceptive, although it calls for a little amount of spying. It is actually more about winning out potential buyers from your competition. We can refer to the entire method as business secrets or intelligent business strategies or tricks of the trade, but no matter, it's all part of the business game. Whether you lose out or win out over the competition depends on how good you are at playing the game. This book will be a very good guide for the new online marketer. It will help you understand what competitive intelligence is all about along with these other in-depth details: a. Why you need to stay on top of competition b. The ethics and legality supporting competitive intelligence c. Preparing several plans of action d. Understanding the CI process e. Outlining your competitive...
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Complete Idiot's Guide To Online Shopping (The Complete Idiot's Guide)
Amazon.comOnce upon a time, buying stuff on the Internet was easy. Once you were satisfied that your personal information was adequately protected by encryption and other security technologies, all you had to do was find what you wanted and submit your credit card details. You can still do that, but the Internet now boasts a myriad of ways for you to get stuff you want. The number of facilities for selling your own goods to others is exploding too. Preston Gralla explains all of this in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Shopping , providing you with the background knowledge you need to buy and sell things on the Web; explaining such concepts as Dutch auctions and electronic coupons; and intelligently combining the capabilities of commercial sites, such as the numerous online automobile dealers, with free resources such as government crash-test numbers. He also shows how to milk Usenet newsgroups and consumer sites for commentary and buying advice. A large part of this...
719,40 руб.
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Cranfield E-marketing: Improving Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Age (FT)
12 849,00 руб.
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DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media & Digital Marketing
"We are all DigiMarketers now - or we should be. The authors have for the first time provided a lucid, hype-free, business-based and practical guide to the new age of marketing: it is a kind of digital Baedeker, which should be on every businessman's book-shelf". Miles Young, Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific "The digital frontier is now the center of our universe. As Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick show, marketers must seize this digital opportunity to accelerate their market growth". John A.Quelch, Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School "Too many advertisers are stuck in the primordial soup when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. However, they need to evolve fast if they are to survive in a multi-channel landscape. This timely book acts like an Origin of the Species, steering hesitant brand owners through the complexities of the digital ecosystem. An...
2 237,00 руб.
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Digital Marketing : Global Strategies from the World's Leading Experts
THE WORD IS OUT ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING "This is the first comprehensive treatment of an increasingly important subject." —Peter Drucker, Honorary Chairman, Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and Clarke Professor of Social Sciences, Claremont Graduate University "Traditional marketing can kill your company. This book is must reading for every company that recognizes the need to reorganize its marketing strategy vis-a-vis the new empowered customer and the new technology." —Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University "Digital Marketing asks the questions todays marketers must answer to meet tomorrows challenges. Digital consumers are decision-makers, no longer decision-takers. Successful marketing strategies will have to focus on helping them to optimize their decisions." —Dr. Ulrich Cartellieri, Member of the Board, Deutsche...
5 115,00 руб.
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Dot ZEN: Practical tips and thoughts on Business, Marketing, PR and Internet from the Diamond Sutra
The first ever book from Asia Pacific by co-authors Dr Seamus Phan and Ter Hui Peng, showing their real-world experience in helping Fortune 1000, high-tech and smaller businesses succeed through a holistic approach of business leadership, entrepreneurship, high-tech marketing, publicity, public relations (PR), managing people, and the smart use of the Internet. The book presents an educational approach to Zen ideas, as well as hundreds of pages of action steps and insider's tips and secrets to growing your business through entrepreneurship, leadership, customer service, total quality, marketing, publicity, public relations (PR), human resource management (HRM), and Internet technology.
6 489,00 руб.
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E-Business & E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative
Chaudhury's E-Business and E-Commerce Infrastructure: Technologies Supporting the E-Business Initiative serves as a comprehensive primer to both traditional and emerging E-Commerce technologies. Using the Chaudhury text, students with no prior technical knowledge will be able to grasp complex topics such as networking, Internet security, Web languages, and other important subjects in a way that illustrates their use through case studies and practice through completing Web projects.
3 843,00 руб.
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Once every decade a book comes along that becomes the standard in a field of study, the indispensable reference that every thoughtful practitioner must have on the shelf. Like Samuelson in Economics, Drucker in Management, and Porter in Strategy, Rayportand Jaworski have written what leaders in the New Economy are calling the standard in e-commerce strategy formulation. ...
7 817,00 руб.
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E-Selling (Sales)
Download DescriptionThe sales function is the front-line of any business. Keeping up with the latest sales techniques is essential, as well as ensuring you have a motivated, incentivised and focused sales team well-versed in the basics of selling, from identifying new prospects and getting repeat business to closing the deal. This module gives essential insight into all the key sales drivers such as account management, handling complex sales, selling services, FMCG selling, customer relationships and self-development for sales people.
1 287,00 руб.
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E-Supply Chain: Using the Internet to Revolutionize Your Business
From the foremost expert on supply chain management: Shows how market leaders are focusing their entire organization on driving value to customers; A practical guide for developing effective supply chain plans and e-business models; Reveals how leading firms have forged up to a two-year lead over competing supply chain networks; Rich in details and action studies of what works and what doesn.?t E-SUPPLY CHAIN reveals how companies can form the necessary business alliances to combine two of the most versatile and effective business tools of the new century: the power of supply chain and the Internet. Rich in details and action studies, E-Supply Chain is a hands-on guide to implementing the changes necessary in every major function of a typical firm. The authors detail how the e-supply chain network evolves to become a global "value chain constellation," destined to dominate specific markets and industries while always...
414,30 руб.
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Electronic Commerce: Fundamentals & Applications
Learning how to build useful e-commerce applications is challenging and exciting because it involves knowing a little about a lot of different computing technologies including networking, security, programming, human computer interface design and database design. This is a book that brings breadth in its coverage of technologies and discusses how to integrate them to achieve business aims. It covers the full range of relevant web technologies and protocols and it focuses particularly on techniques that are most suitable for e-commerce application building. "highly recommendable ...The major strength of the book is the fact that it is comprehensive, and that by following the code examples, readers will be able to actually see how e-commerce web sites can be put together. " Fintan Clear , Brunel University "the text clearly provides an extremely full and appropriate coverage of the issues. As such it has major market potential as a core text for both postgraduate and...
2 502,00 руб.
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Electronic Commerce: Strategies and Models for Business-to-Business Trading
This volume analyzes strategic marketing approaches on the basis of both marketing theory and international case studies. Its systematic study of Internet commerce models should allow any company to better organize their business and understand where their sources of revenue come from. It offers an assessment of a rapidly growing area, covering current models and showing how they have fared in practice. The book also provides an analytical assessment of the marketplace for business-to-business electroniccommerce strategies and Includes recommendations for the implementation of a marketing strategy for business-to-business e-commerce.
1 884,00 руб.
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Get Rich with Apps!: Your Guide to Reaching More Customers and Making Money Now
Out of nowhere, apps have taken the world by storm. In a short time, millions of customers have downloaded apps - and they're eagerly awaiting more. If you're considering entering the market, stop thinking about it and make your move. You'll reach more customers, expand your product offerings, and grow new revenue streams. And it's much easier than you may realize. Get Rich with Apps! explains how to: - Marry iPhone and Facebook app features with your business and marketing needs; - Integrate apps with other resources, such as databases and websites; - Take advantage of the social web to expand your customer base; - Measure the success of new and existing projects. You don't need a team of computer whizzes to make a killing in the apps market. All you need is the business advice in this book to get an early foothold in a market with a soaring future.
1 206,00 руб.
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How to Use TV for Public Relations, Free Advertising, Internet Marketing, Website Promotion, and Small Business Publicity
2 152,00 руб.
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Inside Stuff: Mass Media Pros Reveal The Secrets Of Using Radio, TV & Newspapers For Public Relations, Free Advertising, Internet Marketing, Website Promotion, and Small Business Publicity
Four Hour Audio Cassette Program. Five journalists with more than 130 years of combined experience describe how to generate free publicity that will result in huge traffic increases, give you celebrity status with customers & prospects, dramatically shorten your sales cycle and leave envious competitors wondering how you do it as you get all the new customers -- and probably some of their old ones
2 530,00 руб.
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Internet Business Models and Strategies: Text and Cases
Afuah and Tucci’s Internet Business Models and Strategies: Text and Cases, 2e draws on research to develop and integrate a framework to help students understand factors that surround a firms performance and the central role that business models play in the face of the Internet. In the first part of the text, Afuah and Tucci explore the concepts on which Internet models rest. The second part offers cases of both Internet firms and Brick and Mortar companies that must formulate and execute successful business models and strategies.
4 357,00 руб.
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Internet Marketing , 3rd Edition
* Online Activities. Each chapter in this text has an Online Activities section tied to research activities using the Interactive Journal. By using the Interactive Journal to complete the exercises, readers can gain a better understanding of the chapter topics while becoming familiar with the features and strengths of the Interactive Journal. * The purchase of the textbook allows the reader four months of access to the Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition. * The Internet is unsurpassed in its ability to point readers to live examples of the main points.
1 842,00 руб.
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Internet Marketing 3rd Edition with Wall Street Journal Handbook Set
Covers the complete topic, including an introduction to marketing on the Internet, sections on online promotion and communication, computer mediated selling, providing Web content, and a section on new Internet business functions and opportunities. This new text comes with a complete instructor's manual and Web site and an Internet Marketing Web Companion, an online support to the text, which provides students with Internet exercises, self-study quizzes, and much more. The text sets four major goals for students: 1. To become familiar with the ways that the Internet and ubiquitous networked devices are changing business in general and marketing in particular. 2. To learn how firms leverage the interactivity of the Internet to create business advantage. 3. To study the use of the Internet for communicating, selling, providing content and making markets. 4. To gain a wealth of hands-on Internet experience with numerous online activities, questions, assignments,...
5 032,00 руб.
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Internet Marketing : Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Marketing)
Internet Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies asserts that while the Internet is a transformational innovation, pure Internet firms do not represent the future of the Internet, as failures in recent history attest. This text builds upon the fact that the future of the Internet lies in the activities of organizations large and small--in all market spaces--that use the Internet to improve service to customers and increase organizational productivity. Many powerful e-marketers predate the Internet, have strong brand identities, and use the Internet wisely to broaden the set of options, across the marketing and logistics mix that they can offer to their customers, suppliers, and partners. The underlying paradigm in the text visualizes the Internet as a significant new channel for communications and transactions that needs to be integrated into enterprise marketing strategies. In this process, businesses are transformed from isolated entities into extended...
1 766,00 руб.
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Internet Marketing: Foundations and Applications
Siegel offers a comprehensive textbook?complemented by extensive online support?for the fastest growing section of the curriculum across the country. She integrates print and web components seamlessly so that the accompanying textbook web site acts as a natural extension of the text. Students can look online for interactive marketing cases, project-based activities, and new content regularly updated by the author. Also, instructors have the benefit of an enhanced, online Instructor's Resource Manual focused on teaching tips and content change management. The text features separate chapters on legal and international e-marketing issues, B2C and B2B marketing models, and how to implement a web marketing plan?including the creation and design of content. The brief format allows students to go online for additional study aids and further research on the chapter material.
3 937,00 руб.
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Internet Marketing: Readings and Online Resources
Internet Marketing: Readings and Online Resources provides students with an introduction to internet marketing and the informative foundation they need to maneuver through the world of “interactive marketing”. This term describes how marketers are using the Internet to decrease transaction costs, improve brand image, enhance customer relations, and create entirely new distribution channels for products and services. Richardson mixes a collection of current readings to introduce the student to fundamental concepts of internet marketing organized in a traditional principles of marketing approach. Traditional marketing concepts are still valid; what changes in the internet environment are the applications.
7 090,00 руб.
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Managing Business Interfaces. Marketing and Engineering Issues in the Supply Chain and Internet Domains
Book Description Integration is an important and practical matter in today's globalized commerce. This has led companies and organizations to place increasing emphasis on creating a seamless workflow environment from one business function to another. The academic research community recognizes the importance of providing problem-solving direction to the different, and sometimes conflicting, functional perspectives of marketing, engineering, logistics, and manufacturing. The research streams that characterize these issues are in the domain of business interfaces. These include the benefits of coordination, new product development, product portfolio management, supply chain coordination, and partnerships and collaboration in the internet space. Managing Business Interfaces : Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing Perspectives provides state-of-the-art summary as well as new thoughts in managing business interfaces. Through eleven invited chapters, it brings...
1 657,20 руб.
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Million Dollar E-mails: The guide to creating effective, persuasive Internet email marketing campaigns that actually increase sales and work!
Million Dollar E-mails will teach you step-by-step how to use high -powered words, phrases, and slogans that will grab your customer?s attention and sell! Whether you are selling ideas, a service or widgets, Million Dollar E-mails guarantees theexpert sales professional an expanded, rejuvenated repertoire and the novice a feeling of confidence. You?ll learn how to create, send, and track highly successful e-mail campaigns that get results and turn profits. Also included are lists of resources for e-mail list brokers and service bureaus, credit card companies and corporations offering merchant accounts, books and software on Web marketing, and more. Some of the benefits to e-mail marketing include; Instant Results. Minutes aftersending out your email campaign you can start seeing responses and orders. Low cost. No printing, no postage, no mail house charges. Email is nearly free to send out! Testing on the go. How fast do you want to see results?...
6 535,00 руб.
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More Traffic to Sell to: A Mini-Guide on Online Marketing Strategies to Help You Promote Your Website and Increase Traffic so You Can Get More Leads, More Sales and More Profits
Online marketing is a numbers game. You need more traffic to get more leads that will give you more sales that will help you earn more profits. Any online business requires a good amount of traffic to identify potential leads and increase the chances for sales to increase income. Without any traffic, there is simply no one to sell to.The key in getting your bottom line is to assemble a system that will generate a steady flow of visitors to your site non-stop. It "s your own method for capturing potential customers, promoting your business to those target customers and then turning them into buyers. Once you get a steady traffic system running, you have the market that can help you get the results you need to boost your sales and increase your bottom line without spending hundreds of dollars on advertising. As a preview, this book will give you tips on: 1. Viral marketing; 2. Fire sales; 3. Article marketing Plus a lot more!
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MP Internet Marketing: Building Advantage in a Networked Economy with CD
12 140,00 руб.
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