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Flight of the Buffalo : Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead
In Flight of the Buffalo, James Belasco and Ralph C. Stayer combine expertise, insight, and passion to show how the nature of management must change if a company expects to survive in the white-knuckle world of modern business. Going beyond the quick-fixapproach of many of today's business gurus, the authors explain how to avoid being outmaneuvered by the competition; how to become more focused and flexible; how to empower workers and maintain their loyalty; and how to become a manager who goes beyond filling quotas.
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Flight of the Phoenix : Soaring to Success in the 21st Century
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Focus. Accomplish. Grow. The Business Owner's Guide to Growth
Does Your Business Need to Grow? If so, this book can be your guide. Focus. Accomplish. Grow. is a collection of how-to-articles designed to help you overcome an obstacle in your business growth. YOU WILL DISCOVER HOW TO: Find, Keep and Grow Customers Focus Your Business Efforts Grow Your Business in the New Economy Fix Your Business
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Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time
What do Bill Gates, Henry Ford, J. P. Morgan, Mary Kay Ash, and Walt Disney all have in common? Uncompromising vision, a willingness to take risks, and exceptional business acumen. Not only did these individuals amass great fortunes, they revolutionized the business world and helped shape society as we know it. Theirs are just a few of the stories collected in this anthology of commercial ingenuity. Drawing on a wealth of sources, this priceless collection brings to life extraordinary achievements, many of them forgotten or little known: how Robert Morris, the preeminent merchant of the eighteenth century, financed the American Revolution with his personal credit; how Ray Kroc used a shrewd real estate strategy to turn a faltering hamburger franchise operation into the McDonald's fast food empire; and how Mary Kay Ash built a billion-dollar direct sales cosmetics company by preaching a message of economic empowerment to women. Enlightening and fascinating, Forbes(r) Greatest...
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Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies
Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies answers every entrepreneur?s key questions · How does an early-stage company influence investor interest and valuation? · What key business elements drive the financial plan - do they validate your business model? · How should entrepreneurs plan for and target venture capital to achieve maximum success? · What alternatives to equity capital exist for early-stage companies - how are they useful? · What is the impact of dilutive financial terms buried within a term sheet? · What is "due diligence" and how do you avoid becoming a "tech wreck" during the process? · How do you spend your cash resources for human capital (your largest expense item) wisely? · How are options effectively used to maximize value? · What are the basics of a pragmatic but effective internal control structure? · What other common execution pitfalls confront...
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Games That Teach: Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Training
Games are your answer! They don't want to hear you lecture. They don't want to read an instruction guide. So how can you tell them what they need to know? You want bright smiles, not bored sighs. You want them to have fun, but you want them to learn as well. GAMES are your answer! Games aren't just for kids. Games can help people learn business ideas: games can teach. Steve Sugar's adaptable designs put an end to tired, scripted business games. Sometimes you have a lot of games, but none of them ever seems to suit the occasion. Sometimes games suit the occasion, but are so rigid that the participants are bored before they've scarcely even begun. With Sugar's help, your games will always be both fitting and new. These aren't your average games. They're frame games, game shells to which you can add your own unique content. With this simple book, you'll quickly create perfect games for every setting! In this book you'll get: An abundance of uniq...
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Getting Down to Business: A Practical Action Guide to Building a Sustainable Business
Starting a business is a great deal like building a structure; if there is a strong foundation to build on, the likelihood of the floors being able to withstand the storm is excellent. Using good materials, quality tools, skilled labor and experienced advisors is necessary to develop a strong plan and structure for the success of your project. This workbook is about building this foundation, by creating a plan and structure, while identifying the best tools required to get started in building and growinga business.
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Getting It Right: Notre Dame on Leadership and Judgment in Business
To be a successful business leader, executives need to make values-based problem solving a habit of mind, argue management experts and Notre Dame professors Viva Bartkus and Ed Conlon. In Getting It Right, Bartkus and Conlon draw on insights from consulting, management, and academia to deliver a powerful message: no matter how chaotic the marketplace, leaders can still address even the most staggering challenges in a calm and confident manner.
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Global Business
Global Business
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Global Business Today
Charles Hill's Global Business Today, 6e (GBT) has become an established text in the International Business market for several key reasons: (1) it is comprehensive and up-to-date, (2) it goes beyond an uncritical presentation and shallow explanation of the body of knowledge, (3) it maintains a tight, integrated flow between chapters, (4) it focuses on managerial implications, (5) it makes important theories accessible and interesting to students, and (6) it incorporates ancillary resources that enliven the text and make it easier to teach. The success of the first five editions of Global Business Today has been based in part upon the incorporation of leading edge research into the text, the use of the up-to-date examples and statistics to illustrate global trends and enterprise strategy, and the discussion of current events within the context of the appropriate theory. Our research has shown that students and instructors alike enjoy the interesting, informative, and...
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Global Information Technology Outsourcing: In Search of Business Advantage
Global Information Technology Outsourcing In Search of Business Advantage Mary C. Lacity & Leslie P. Willcocks ?Lacity, and Willcocks have shown us again why they are the world?s leading IT outsourcing gurus the most comprehensive work on IT outsourcing to date.? Sara Cullen, National Partner, Australia Business Process Management, Deloitte Touche, Tohmatsu ?a valuable collection readers will find here advice that premier consultants would deliver for a very large multiple of the price of this book.? Paul A. Strassmann, former CIO of General Foods, Kraft, Xerox and the US Department of Defense ?(a). "must read" for anyone in search of a clear understanding of what information technology outsourcing is all about absolutely no one should jump into outsourcing prior to taking advantage of the outstanding case studies outlined in this book.? Emmett Paige, President, OAO Corporation ?an excellent guide to successful outsourcing,...
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Global Management and Organizational Behavior
Book DescriptionGlobal Management and Organizational Behavior By Konopaske and Ivancevich was written to provide a clear picture, analysis, and set of suggestions for managers and leaders to operate in international settings. Global Management and Organizational Behavior is a self-contained set of materials, which illustrates that globalization requires a different tack and course than the traditional treatment of management or organizational behavior. To support the content, models and examples provided in the book, each of the three parts of the text contains readings, exercises and cases.
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Global Marketing Management
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Global Smarts: The Art of Communicating and Deal Making Anywhere in the World
It may not surprise you to learn that seventy percent of cross-border joint ventures fail within the first three years. But did you know that the reason most commonly cited by transnational executives for this phenomenal failure rate isn't geopolitics, global competition, or economic volatility, but culture clash? As one frustrated transnational manager quipped, "How are you supposed to get all your ducks in a row when half of them think theyre turtles?" Why, despite the vast sums spent each yearon cross-cultural executive training, do so many well-laid business plans continue to fall apart under the strain of cultural differences? Author Sheida Hodge finds the answer in the training itself, which typically focuses on "the ten percent of the iceberg above the surface - how to bow or shake hands, whether to cross your legs, what gestures to use." Much more dangerous is "the ninety percent of the iceberg that is under water" - the deep-seated cultural values on which unsuspecting...
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Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality and an Uncertain World
How should we create wealth in societies, and why is it right and necessary to do so? What improves the lives of the largest number of people? And how do we, living in a globalized world caught in an age of financial and ecological turbulence, respond to the differing needs of individuals and institutions? In "Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality and an Uncertain World"Stephen Green, Chairman of HSBC, reflects on how the human desires for exploration and exchange have led us into a globalized, urban world. He considers why capitalism - flawed though it obviously is - seems to be the best system by which to improve material human wealth. As the world's financial order is in a state of flux, how do we align these human instincts, and the capitalism they have produced, with our spiritual and psychological needs? And how should the financial sector respond not only to the current crisis but to the wider needs of the people it serves. Do businesses have a duty to society that...
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Great Business Teams: Cracking the Code for Standout Performance
Understand and decode the inner workings of great business teams with the more than 30 in - depth examples in Great Business Teams: Cracking the Code for Standout Performance. Author Howard Guttman examines and dissects teams at top-management, business-unit, and functional levels and isolates five key factors that drive team performance to offer you insight into the ways these teams achieve success. Using this book, go directly to the marketplace to scrutinize teams in a variety of industries, evaluating the challenges they face and the methods they choose to manage these challenges.
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Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP), Lessons 1-60 text
Book DescriptionGregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing (GDP), 9e by Ober et al is an industry leader that has been revised and updated to help students succeed beyond the classroom. The software, textbook, and manuals, individually and collectively, work harmoniously as a convenient, total learning experience. Flexible LAN and Web-Based Instructor Management systems support the program's strong content and provides powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to set up and manage class files, monitor student and class progress, and generate student grades. The new versatile Word 2003 software is backward and forward compatible, fully functional on Word 2000, 2002, and 2003 systems. Instructors will appreciate using a program that can be successfully implemented in a variety of classroom environments, both on or off-site. This specific kit contains: Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing, 9/e (Lessons 1-60) Student Text, Word 2003 Software, Word 2003 Word Manual, GDP...
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Gregg Reference Manual, Comprehensive Worksheets
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Group Model Building: Facilitating Team Learning Using System Dynamics
This book is about increasing team performance. It focuses on building system dynamics models when tackling a mix of interrelated strategic problems to enhance team learning, foster consensus, and create commitment. The book is intended to be applied in the organizations of today. As the "command and control" organization evolves into one of decision-making teams, so these teams have become the critical building blocks upon which the performance of the organization depends. The team members face an increased complexity of decision making with the interrelation of several strategic problems. What this means is that people have different views of the situation and will define problems differently. However, research shows that this can in fact be very productive if and when people learn from each other in order to build a shared perspective. Learning in this way might prove to be the only sustainable competitive advantage for organizations in the future. As a result, team leaders want to...
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Growing Your Business!
Growing Your Business! provides the small business owner with practical tips for identifying their key market, generating prospects, and most importantly, defining the purpose of their business. This power-packed book is ripe with simple yet profound suggestions for making your business what you truly want it to be. Growing Your Business! leaves the big words and clumsy phrases to business textbooks--instead it gives you the practical information you need to be successful in your own business.
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Heritage Marketing
Heritage Marketing is a new and clearly written textbook that systematically addresses the principles of marketing as applied to the heritage sector. The 'heritage industry' and its growing importance internationally is defined, as is how it links with the study of modern tourism The book then goes on to look in detail at the marketing issues that arise from the particular management, educational and cultural aspects of heritage. The book is: * A clear introduction for students and professionals * Packed with examples and cases from around the world * The most up to date and comprehensive text of its kind As heritage tourism continues to grow, so the management and marketing of heritage resources will grow more important to governments, councils and managers. This book is the ideal way for all those new to the area to understand the fundamental principles and best practice in the sector. * First serious text on a new marketing niche * Text is...
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Hiring Great People
Hiring Great People removes the guesswork from the hiring process, giving you solid, no-nonsense tools and processes to identify and attract your industryOs highest performing employees. Look to this dynamic book for advertising and public relationstechniques proven to catch the attention of the brightest candidates, telltale interview tip-offs to unerringly help you separate the go-getters from the clock-watchers, guidelines for negotiating the offer, and more. Whether you are new to the hiring process or a seasoned veteran, Hiring Great People will ensure that you recruit and select only the people who will improve your companyOs long-term success.
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Holy Moly Mackeroly! Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life
HOLY MOLY Mackeroly! ...from 3 Art Stamps to the Smithsonian... Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life This book is "business memoir" and is unique in the arts and crafts industry. The author speaks from personal experience of the adventures on the road to creating a home-based art business - one that works because it is created step-by-step, day-by-day. It all started with one rubber stamp that the author's husband bought to make price tags for miniature grapevine wreaths, the original "home business." From there a hobby began, and 3 Southwest art stamps were added to an extremely small "collection" a few months later. What can you do with 3 Southwest stamps? How about a handful of bookmarks? How about a business that gets started because your mother shows those bookmarks to shop owners in Santa Fe - and they actually want to buy them - and sell them? The author is clearly in the business of art and in her book, she is clearly in the business of...
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Home-Based Business For Dummies
Starting your own home-based business is a great way to supplement your income in these tough economic times. With thirty percent new and revised material, Home-Based Business for Dummies, 3rd Edition gives you the most current and up-to-date information you need to navigate your way through the whole process. You'll get trusted and creative advice on how to start being your own boss, bringing in a steady paycheck, and running a business you'll enjoy. - Complete coverage of legal and financial aspects of a home-based business. - Effective advertising and promotional strategies that won't break the bank. - Tips and information you need to make your business profitable. - Advice on outfitting and running a home office. Whether you've been affected by downsizing in these uncertain times or are just looking to earn some extra cash, Home-Based Business for Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to avoid scams and truly start working from home for...
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Hong Kong Offshore Investment and Business Guide
Hong Kong Offshore Investment and Business Guide.
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Hospitality Sales and Promotion (Professional Hospitality Guides)
'Hospitality Sales and Promotion' is the essential guide for every manager in the hospitality industry wanting to achieve maximum profits from their sales promotions. Practical and down-to-earth, this guide discovers: * who is your customer? market segments and groups * how can you reach them effectively? the secrets of successful public relations * new and traditional technologies; from direct mail to using the Internet to maximum advantage. Derek Taylor has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with and advised numerous international corporate hospitality companies. Concrete and relevant case studies and examples from his experience are used to illustrate throughout the guide, from companies such as: Whitbread, Hilton International, Pizza Express and Stakis. An essential, practical and explanatory guide to sales promotion International case studies Well-known, experienced author
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How to Become a Grant Writing Consultant
This is the FIRST "how-to" book for the field of grants consulting. If you are looking for a start-up guide to enter this emerging home-based business, then this book is the one for you! This book is for budding entrepreneurs who are amazed, dazed and even crazed trying to figure out how to break into the field and make a full-time living writing grants and doing other grants-related consulting. It's short, but detailed and hits the target as the leader of "how-to" books in the consulting field!
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How to Do a Superior Performance Appraisal
The complete guide to painless, mutually profitable performance appraisals How to do a Superior Performance Appraisal For anybody who equates doing a performance appraisal with a dental appointment, here?s a complete guide to painless, mutually profitable appraisals. Written by bestselling management author and Fortune 1000 consultant William S. Swan, it shows you how to transform what traditionally has been a source of potential conflict among managers and staff members, into a productive andmutually profitable process for both employer and employee. A systematic, step-by-step guide to conducting appraisals that reduces defensiveness and conflict while increasing quality and productivity All the nuts and bolts of doing an appraisal: data collecting, avoiding errors, knowing EEO guidelines, and much more Packed with useful checklists, information sheets,and sample dialogues, including a model performance appraisal form incorporating what has been proven to be...
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How to Prevent Small Business Fraud: A Manual For Business Professionals
Small business owners can ill afford losses due to fraud. Unfortunately, they are the most common victims of many types of frauds. This book will provide small business owners with the information they need to combat all types of fraud by customers, employees, and vendors, as well as tips on how to recover fraud losses. Highlights include: Internal Fraud Threats ? Understanding Dishonest Employees ? Cash Receipts Fraud ? Cash Disbursements Fraud ? How Employees Steal: Inventory and Merchandise Thefts ? Fraud Involving Other Assets ? Preventing Employee Fraud ? External Fraud Threats ? Check and Credit Card Frauds ? Shoplifting ? Fraud by Vendors ? Con Schemes and Other Scams ? What to Do If You Are a Victim of Fraud ? Prosecuting Fraud Perpetrator
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How to Start a Bar/Tavern
Book DescriptionOpening a bar or tavern is one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. But you need to know a lot more than just how to mix drinks if you?re going to succeed. And this is the place to find it. Whether your dream is to own a cozy neighborhood watering hole or the hottest nightclub in town, this easy-to-use guide tells you everything you need to know before opening your doors. Overviews of the three different types of bar/tavern businesses (neighborhood bar, sports bar and nightclub), with answers to commonly asked questions. Proven tips and advice for handling federal, state and local regulations; selecting a good location; designing an efficient, attractive bar; choosing theright equipment; and hiring the best employees. Step-by-step instructions for creating marketing and business plans, obtaining financing, promoting your business, keeping records, and much more. Free Ultimate Financial...
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