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Стратегический менеджмент (175 шт.)

10 фантастических способов добиться успеха
Автор рассматривает принципы достижения успеха, иллюстрируя свои тезисы образными примерами. Для широкого круга читателей.
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33 стратегии войны (подарочное издание)
Прекрасно оформленное подарочное издание с трехсторонним золоченым обрезом и шелковым ляссе. Переплет книги составной: Mundior и Surbalin gerippt. Тиснение на переплете блинтовое и двумя видами фольги. Книга упакована в футляр, выполненный из переплетного материала Mundior. Новая книга Роберта Грина не просто очередной шокирующий и интригующий мировой бестселлер. "33 стратегии войны" - незаменимый путеводитель по кажущейся часто безмятежной, но предельно жестокой и абсолютно бескомпромиссной игре под названием "Жизнь". Классический переплет, изящное художественное оформление и великолепное полиграфическое исполнение делают это издание подлинным украшением личной библиотеки.
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After the Fall: Opportunities and Strategies for Real Estate Investing in the Coming Decade
Praise for After The Fall "Steve Bergsman provides his readers with one of the most comprehensive, yet concise overviews of real estate and all its property types."—Christopher Macke, Vice President, GE Real Estate "This is an extraordinary work of detailed research and compelling writing. I've never seen the subject presented in such a cogent and skillful manner."—Phil Hall, editor, Secondary Marketing Executive "The way out of the financial crash of 2007/2008 will come through skilled operations, astute investing, and the ability of real estate practitioners to give up their mental memory of the future! The heated success of ten-year, unprecedented growth in the real estate industry has somehow atrophied the industry's application of knowledge. What we need is a fresh look at opportunities and strategies for real estate investing. We are lucky that Bergsman's book has fit the bill—just in time."—Jack M. Cohen, CEO, Cohen Financial "Insightful and...
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Applied Strategic Planning: An Introduction
This guidebook provides an overview to the proven Applied Strategic Planning process. Written for the planning team and other key members who will participate in the process, this important resource offers encouragement for the team who must provide data for the planning process and helps to identify questions for further discussion. The Applied Strategic Planning approach helps organizations identify their ideal future and develop a plan to achieve that future. ASP is highly responsive to environments undergoing rapid change, where the very rules of doing business are constantly shifting. The companion The Applied Strategic Planning Consultant’s Toolkit—written by the consultants who created the process—includes the tools, techniques and processes that can help guide an organization through the strategic planning process.
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Applied Strategic Planning: How to Develop a Plan That Really Works
Written by three top consultants and trainers, "Applied Strategic Planning" shows managers and CEOs a clear, totally effective way to identify and implement strategic objectives. "Applied Strategic Planning" surpasses other strategic planning models in many key areas, including: Emphasis on organizational culture. Integration of business and functional plans. Performance audits Gap analysis. Values clarification. Goodstein, Nolan, and Pfeiffer take managers through all phases of the strategic planning process, including: How to determine if an organization is ready for strategic planning. Effectively communicate a corporate vision. Recognize the role of culture in changing strategic direction. Understand the various roles of a consultant. Write effective mission statements. Create contingency plans. Containing charts, diagrams, and checklists...
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Art of the Long View
"Artful scenario spinning is a form of convergent thinking about divergent futures. It ensures that you are not always right about the future but–better–that you are almost never wrong about the future. The technology is powerful, simple, and enjoyable, and so is Schwartz?s book." –Stewart Brand What increasingly affects all of us, whether professional planners or individuals preparing for a better future, is not the tangibles of life–bottom–line numbers, for instance–but the intangibles: our hopes and fears, our beliefs and dreams. Only stories–scenarios–and our ability to visualize different kinds of futures adequately capture these intangibles. In The Art of the Long View, now for the first time in paperback and with the addition of an all–new User?s Guide, Peter Schwartz outlines the "scenaric" approach, giving you the tools for developing a strategic vision within your business. Schwartz describes the new techniques, originally developed within Royal/Dutch Shell, based on many of...
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Beyond Governance: Creating Corporate Value through Performance, Conformance and Responsibility
Following a series of corporate scandals, legislators have company executives in their sights and are arming themselves with ever-greater regulatory firepower. All agree that good governance is essential but must not be allowed to stifle business performance. "Beyond Governance" develops the concept of Enterprise Governance, an emerging framework which unites performance, conformance and corporate responsibility and shows how addressing all of these areas in a concerted, coordinated fashion will deliver value to the organisation and its stakeholders. In particular, it focuses on the skills, processes and systems that are required to deliver excellence in each of these areas, giving readers a practical insight into the issues and an understanding of best practice in each area. Many firms are rethinking their finance activities in the light of e-commerce, shared service centres, business intelligence technology and cost pressures. "Beyond Governance" explores the...
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Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth
Praise for BLUEPRINT TO A BILLION "A wonderful, well thought out analysis of entrepreneurship and leadership of a growth company." —Howard Lester, Chairman, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. "If you dream about growing your business to a billion, this is a fascinating down-to-earth study that you must read. Apply the seven essential principles to your business and you are off and running. Learn about strategy, growth, leadership, team building, and a whole lot more." —Joe Scarlett, Chairman of the Board, Tractor Supply Company "Blueprint to a Billion is a well-researched and thoughtfully written book that quantifies the growth pattern of America's highest growth companies." —Professor John Quelch, Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School "Eighty percent of the top-performing stocks in the last twenty years were small entrepreneurial companies that had an IPO in the prior eight years. Blueprint to a Billion tells you the seven key things these...
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Breakthrough: Stories and Strategies of Radical Innovation
2 003,00 руб.
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Business Alliances Guide: The Hidden Competitive Weapon
Presents a map of the various options one has on the journey through an alliance; the principles of design; new insights into what has been missing in order to understand alliances; how to find the right partners; purchaser-supplier alliances; some of the consequences that occur when certain principles are violated; how to improve the chances of obtaining excellent results from an alliance and much more.
1 555,00 руб.
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Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems: A Strategic Implementation Guide
Praise for Business Continuity Planning for Data Centers and Systems: A Strategic Implementation Guide "Continuity is a primary business driver. This timely book offers a refreshingly honest road map to informed decision making by one of the mission critical industry's foremost real estate experts. It is a must-read for anyone thinking about 7x24." --Gerald Gehm, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Gensler "Ron is a knowledgeable player in the data center community with a great breadth of experience. He has assembled a terrific guide here that will be a valuable reference for anyone planning a major data center project." --Joshua Rabina, cofounder and co-President, Sentinel Data Centers "Ron Bowman's experience in data centers is unique among real estate development professionals. He offers a macro perspective on a holistic set of data center issues, from site selection to design to today's new energy challenges." --Bob Morris, Principal, Corgan Associates "I...
7 901,00 руб.
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Business Planning and Control: Integrating Accounting, Strategy, and People
Business Planning and Control: Integrating Strategy, Accounting and People provides an introduction to core areas of management accounting and business planning. It then explores relationships between strategy, management accounting information, and the of control systems, taking into account the needs of both people and organisations. An integrative approach to business planning and control Includes a specific focus on the design of planning and control systems Considers key technof strategic management Uses management accounting techniques for operational, managerial and strategic purposes Provides case study information to form a thematic thread throughout the text
6 319,00 руб.
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Business Plans for Dummies
Need a hand with your business strategy? This fully updated guide leads you through all aspects of business planning, from clarifying objectives and finding funding, to researching customer behaviour and developing an e-presence. It contains the latest information on planning methods and initiatives (including planning in turbulent times), as well as a sample business plan to get you off to a flying start. Realise your long-term goals - understand what you want from your business and where you are headed. Check out the competition - practise the latest market research techniques to best position your business. Sort out your finances - construct a value chain, examine your cash-flow and calculate a sensible budget. Prepare for change - learn to read cultural, political and technological trends and develop strategic alternatives. Establish yourself- raise venture capital and market share, expand your workforce and plan the next stage for your...
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Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win
Real people, real transformations! "Absolutely amazing! It completely shifts your paradigm for life. One of the most wonderful things about it is that the results are immediate. My whole perception and relationship to money has undergone a major, substantial change." -Chris Attwood, writer and teacher, California "I've spent most of my life trying to figure out what's true and what's real. I have to say I now have a clear glimpse into what it really is." -Tom Hill, Colorado "Before Busting Loose from The Money Game, I was very unhappy and frustrated in my life. I was driven to find more ways to make money. I changed jobs, cities, countries, went back to school, read books. Financially, the stress was causing anxiety attacks and migraines so severe I stayed in bed. The joy I feel now is priceless. Money is there when I need it, in the amount that's needed, no matter what occurs (car repairs, unplanned trips, etc.). It's absolutely amazing!" -Suresh...
2 783,00 руб.
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Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy, 9/e, (with DDB Needham Data Disk)
Book DescriptionConsumer Behavior, 9/e, by Hawkins, Best, & Coney offers balanced coverage of consumer behavior including the psychological, social, and managerial implications. The new edition features current and exciting examples that are tied into global and technology consumer behavior issues and trends, a solid foundation in marketing strategy, integrated coverage of ethical/social issues and outlines the consumer decision process. This text is known for its ability to link topics back to marketing decision-making and strategic planning which gives students the foundation to understanding consumer behavior which will make them better consumers and better marketers.
6 865,00 руб.
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Corporate Capital: Control, Ownership, Saving and Crisis
This book looks at the role of the modern corporation in advanced capitalist countries. In particular it considers corporate control and shareownership and the impact of these on consumers' choice, the mobilization of financial capital, the saving function, and the question of the potentially inherent tendency towards stagnation and crisis. The author suggests that there is a tendency towards social ownership of the means of production in modern capitalist economies, directly via share purchase and indirectly via. e.g., occupational pension funds, while at the same time control and appropriation remain vested in a small minority. This is shown to affect financial capital accumulation and the saving function, since the competition between giant corporations encourages their controllers to increase corporate saving above the level desired by small shareholders who are suggested to be unable fully to compensate for such increases by their actions. Consumers' expenditure will then...
1 059,10 руб.
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Corporate Cash Management: Strategy and Practice
Management of cash resources is crucial to smooth operation of all companies. This book offers a practical guide to intricacies of cash management, using everyday situations to illustrate how different exposures arise in the course of normal trading activities.
6 887,50 руб.
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Creating Strategic Change: Designing the Flexible, High-Performing Organization
Pasmore has brought over 20 year's worth of expertise to this conceptually sophisticated yet practical guide concerned with organization design and change. Concentrates on implementation and how organizational planning and transformation efforts can improve performance productivity. Features extensive cases and examples developed by the author from his consulting work at enterprises like Proctor & Gamble, TRW, Goodyear, General Foods and other companies.
5 416,00 руб.
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Developing Strategic Thought
1 957,00 руб.
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Digital Marketing : Global Strategies from the World's Leading Experts
THE WORD IS OUT ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING "This is the first comprehensive treatment of an increasingly important subject." —Peter Drucker, Honorary Chairman, Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and Clarke Professor of Social Sciences, Claremont Graduate University "Traditional marketing can kill your company. This book is must reading for every company that recognizes the need to reorganize its marketing strategy vis-a-vis the new empowered customer and the new technology." —Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University "Digital Marketing asks the questions todays marketers must answer to meet tomorrows challenges. Digital consumers are decision-makers, no longer decision-takers. Successful marketing strategies will have to focus on helping them to optimize their decisions." —Dr. Ulrich Cartellieri, Member of the Board, Deutsche...
5 115,00 руб.
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Ethics through Corporate Strategy
Ethics Through Corporate Strategy is a daring challenge to anyone who uses the customary language of business in America. It is daring because Daniel Gilbert argues that we should discard two popular ways of linking business and ethics. It is challenging, because Gilbert proceeds from the premise that everyone who uses a language of business is responsible for the ethical implications of that way of talking. This work is one demonstration of how we can relocate conversations about business in the larger conversation that we know as liberal education.
5 983,00 руб.
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Executive Report on Strategies in Botswana, 2003 edition (Strategic Planning Series)
Botswana has recently come to the attention to global strategic planners. This report puts these executives on the fast track. Ten chapters provide: an overview of how to strategically access this important market, a discussion on economic fundamentals, marketing & distribution options, export and direct investment options, and full risk assessments (political, cultural, legal, human resources). Ample statistical benchmarks and comparative graphs are given.
4 179,00 руб.
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Finance for Strategic Decision-Making : What Non-Financial Managers Need to Know (J-B-UMBS Series)
Book DescriptionFinance for Strategic Decision Making demystifies and clarifies for non-financial executives the basics of financial analysis. It shows how they can make important financial decisions that can critically enhance their institution’s ability to respond to competitive challenges, undertake new projects, overcome financial setbacks, and most importantly, create shareholder value. Written by M. P. Narayanan and Vikram K. Nanda—two of the country’s leading authorities on financial strategy—this book offers a practical guide for using financial analysis to enhance strategicdecision making. The book includes a coherent framework that outlines practical and intellectually sound guidance for executives who must make strategic decisions. Finance for Strategic Decision Making Explains the role of finance in corporate strategy Offers guidance on resource allocation decisions Explores how to determine the right balance of debt...
3 171,00 руб.
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Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth: Strategies for Outperforming Any Housing Market
Learn how to identify the bottom of your local real estate market and understand when to buy by using the tools and tips in Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth: Strategies for Outperforming Any Housing Market. Take advantage of the great deals created by falling real estate prices and discover the four questions every real estate investor must ask before buying, selling, or holding any property. With this guide, you can forecast the value of any property in 1 or 5 years, predict which investment property will give you maximum return, and secure low-cost financing.
2 628,00 руб.
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Good to Great
Can a good company become a great one and, if so, how? After a five-year research project, Collins concludes that good to great can and does happen. In this book, he uncovers the underlying variables that enable any type of organization to make the leap from good to great while other organizations remain only good. Rigorously supported by evidence, his findings are surprising - at times even shocking - to the modern mind. GOOD TO GREAT achieves a rare distinction: a management book full of vital ideas that reads as well as a fast-paced novel.
1 087,00 руб.
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Growing Pains: Transitioning from an Entrepreneurship to a Professionally Managed Firm
Since it was first published in 1986, Growing Pains has become a classic resource for understanding how start-ups can make the transition to become large, professionally-managed organizations that maintain the special spark that launched them. In the fourth edition of Growing Pains, authors Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle have thoroughly revised and updated the book to include new ideas and concepts including information about strategic planning, Sarbanes-Oxley, family businesses, and overcoming growing pains, as well as new examples and cases of companies.
2 901,00 руб.
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Gustavo Cisneros: Un Empresario Global
Book DescriptionGustavo Cisneros, uno de los principales empresarios globales, forma parte de una dinastia de empresarios iniciada por su padre, Diego Cisneros, en la segunda generacion no solo mantiene si no supera los logros de la primera. Gustavo Cisneros consigue convertir un importante y saneado negocio venezolano en un jugador dentro del mercado global, propio de la epoca que le ha tocado vivir. Pablo Bachelet relata de una forma amena, y no especializada, el entramado de un negocio de muchas cabezas que, conforme se van haciendo mas grande, tambien se hace mucho mas complejo. Uno siente que se esta en la junta directiva de la organizacion, Volando con Cisneros a Miami, Nueva York o Madrid, e incluso vive en carne propia y casi en tiempo real, el vertigo de negociaciones complejas y, sobre todo, arriesgadas. El autor presenta a Gustavo Cisneros en toda su complejidad, con sus triunfos y fracasos. En este sentido, las experiencias...
1 711,00 руб.
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Handbook of New Product Development Management
"Handbook of New Product Development Management" brings together for the first time an outstanding team of New Product Development specialists who have completed influential research on the various topics. This book supports the first effort to bind together the existing knowledge in new product development, not through the specific lens of a management discipline (e.g. marketing, operations etc.), but as a stand alone "discipline". This book is a key resource for academics and researchers with interest in new product development, and for consultants who work with their clients on product innovation. It offers a thought provoking unified perspective to new product development practitioners, engineering design experts, and senior product development managers.
6 762,00 руб.
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Key Concepts in Strategic Management
2 322,00 руб.
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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Key performance indicators (KPIs), while used commonly around the world, have never until now been clearly defined. Management personnel have identified measures as KPIs though these measures have never been KPIs. The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail. The casualty has often been the balanced scorecard, a brilliant tool that can only work if the appropriate measures are in it.
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